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About The Boogie ApartHouse Old Town

Boogie ApartHouse Old Town is a name you will surely come across when searching for a place to stay in Wroclaw. The Apartment-cum-house is one place where comfort meets your stay. You will get value for your money and even more. Here, you are less than 200m from the Market Square. This is a picturesque spot in Wroclaw and you will be doing a big injustice to yourself if you do not set a foot here. The Cathedral Island is only 500m from the hostel. This is a beautiful place and you will not regret a thing going over here. If those two do not make this spot a must-stay, there is plenty more to convince you.

Near Boogie ApartHouse Old Town is a string of restaurants. If you cant wait for a chance to sample local delicacies, you made a good choice coming here. For those who will be sticking with Eastern European and continental cuisines, there are many places serving your favorite meals. If you are a party animal, there are countless clubs and bars that will keep your beer glass full. You could even get bold and try tasting the vodka. You will have all you need to make fun and make a few buddies over a beer.

The rooms will surprise you with how they are designed and cleaned. Comfort is guaranteed and just in case you do not like what you are getting; make your complaint and you will be sorted out immediately. The property has a total of 14 rooms; they are spacious and more than comfortable.

At one given time, you will never have many people on the property. It will be like a family and that is what you need for a quiet holiday. Each room comes with a private bathroom. No one will be breaching into your privacy and free space. You will also have air conditioning to make your stay comfortable with all weather elements.

From the ApartHouse you have a very spectacular view of the Odra River. You do not have any reason to leave the hostel to get a good view of what makes this city a great place to visit. And now that you are in Old Town, you are in a good place to experience the best on this side of town. There is everything from the top attractions to places to party and dine. You are at the center of what ticks about this city and you should take advantage of that for the days you will be staying.


Disclaimer: This is not the official website of the accomodation.